Awards and reports from other meetings are available below:

(from the San Francisco December 2013 ASA meeting: Congratulations, students!)

Acoustical Oceanography
First: Erin Fischell, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Second: Sean Walstead, University of California, San Diego

Animal Bioacoustics
First: Shima Abadi, University of Michigan
Second: Caroline Casey, University of California, Santa Cruz
Second: Mittu Pannala, Virginia Tech

Architectural Acoustics
First: Zhao Peng, University of Nebraska—Lincoln
Second: Kathryn Hom, Berkeley, CA

Engineering Acoustics
First: Mustafa Z. Abbasi, University of Texas at Austin
Second: Ellen Skow, Georgia Institute of Technology

Musical Acoustics
First: John Granzow, Stanford University
Second: Jennifer Biernat, Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Whitney Coyle, Pennsylvania State University
Pegah Aslani, Brigham Young University

Signal Processing in Acoustics
Daniel Plotnick, Washington State University
Jonathan Odom, Duke University

Speech Communication
First: Zhen Qin, University of Kansas
Second: Rene Utianski Arizona State University

Structural Acoustics and Vibration
First: Aldo Glean, Catholic University of America
Second: Matthew Kamrath, Pennsylvania State University

Underwater Acoustics
First: Katherine Woolfe, Georgia Institute of Technology
Second: Tao Lin, New Jersey Institute of Technology