Awards and reports from other meetings are available below:

(from the Miami Nov 2008 ASA meeting: Congratulations, students!)

Acoustical Oceanography
First: Megan Ballard, Pennsylvania State University
Second: Lin Wan, Georgia Institute of Technology

Animal Bioacoustics
First: Hsiao-Wei Tu, University of Maryland

Architectural Acoustics
First: Robert M. Tanen, University of Hartford
Second: Linda Gedemer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.

[only awarded in spring]

Engineering Acoustics
First: George Lewis, Cornell University
Second: Scott Porter, Pennsylvania State University

Musical Acoustics
First: Summer K. Rankin, Florida Atlantic University
Second: Hiroko Terasawa, Stanford University

Clinton Francis, University of Colorado

Psychological and Physiological Acoustics

Signal Processing Young Presenter Award

Speech Communication
First: Elizabeth Hunt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Second: Joseph Toscano, University of Iowa

Structural Acoustics and Vibration
First: Jon La Follett, Washington State University
2nd Place: Micah Shepherd, Brigham Young University

Underwater Acoustics
First: Aubrey Espana, Washington State Univ.
Second: Lin Wan, Georgia Institute of Technology


E-zine from the Miami Nov 2008 ASA meeting

(Echoes newsletter column describing Miami Nov 2008 ASA meeting...)
Eric Dieckman
Greetings from sunny Miami!  The Miami meeting, while on the smaller side, was well attended by students.  Approximately fifty students attended the Monday night Student Icebreaker, and nearly eighty students joined fifty senior ASA members at Wednesday night's Student Reception.  At the Student Reception the Mentoring Alliance provided a free ticket to the Fellows' Luncheon for one student in each technical committee. These tickets were raffled off and the winning students were hosted at the luncheon by a Fellow in their technical area.

During the Student Council meeting, Jim Sabatier discussed "Project Listen Up", the Technical Committee on Education's campaign to update techniques for teaching and visualizing principles of acoustics.  Anyone with an idea for an acoustics demonstration is encouraged to submit a paper demonstrating it at an upcoming ASA meeting.  The Student Council mentoring award was also voted on and will be presented during the Student Reception at the Portland meeting. 

Another upcoming event at the Portland meeting is the Student Council's fourth Grants and Fellowships Workshop.  This workshop, which will be held immediately before the Student Reception and is open to all students, will emphasize grant and fellowship writing techniques.  As always, visit the ASA Student website at for the latest news about the Portland meeting.

We look forward to seeing many students in Portland this May!

Eric Dieckman is a graduate student in architectural acoustics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.