Awards and reports from other meetings are available below:

(from the Honolulu Dec 2006 ASA/ASJ meeting: Congratulations, students!)

Animal Bioacoustics
1st - T. Aran Mooney, University of Hawaii
2nd - Adam Smith, Bowling Green State University

Acoustical Oceanography
1st - Paul Roberts, Scripps
2nd - Tadanori Fujino, Fisheries Research Agency, Hasaki, Japan

Architectural Acoustics
1st - Jonathan Rathsam, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Commendations -
Hisaharu Suzuki, Kyushu University
Michelle Vigeant, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Genta Yamauchi, Kyushu University

[only awarded in spring]

Engineering Acoustics
1st - Marie Nakazawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1st - Junfeng Li, Tohoku University

Musical Acoustics
1st - Andrey Ricardo da Silva, McGill University
2nd - Eric Dieckman, Truman State University

Noise Young Presenter Award
Miwako Ueda, Japan

Signal Processing Young Presenter Award
James W. Gregory

Speech Communication
ASA 1st - Maria V. Kondaurova, Purdue University
ASA 2nd - Eric Oglesbee, Indiana University
ASJ 1st - Tatsuya Akagawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology
ASJ 2nd - Masashi Ito, Tohoku University

Structural Acoustics and Vibration
1st - Jared Thomas, Brigham Young University
2nd - Huancai Lu, Wayne State University

Underwater Acoustics
1st - Claire Debever, Scripps
2nd - Andrew A. Ganse, University of Washington


E-zine from the Honolulu Dec 2006 ASA/ASJ meeting

(Echoes newsletter column describing Honolulu Dec 2006 ASA/ASJ meeting)
Andrew Ganse

Aloha! As expected, the Honolulu meeting was a popular one, with high attendance at the student functions. At every ASA meeting, two evenings of the week are filled with student social activities, meant to introduce students to each other and to encourage them to become more involved in their field and the ASA. Meanwhile, against a backdrop of tropical tinged holiday tunes, beachwear, and leis, the student council was busy in Honolulu preparing more resources for the students of ASA.
The next Student Council Mentoring Award will be presented at the New Orleans meeting in fall 2007. The council welcomes all students in the ASA to nominate a mentor who has demonstrated exceptional ability in guiding the academic or professional growth of students and junior colleagues. The nominee does not need to be a professor, but must be a member of the ASA. Please see the “Mentor Award” section of the student website for more information and nomination forms, and email your student council representatives with questions. The deadline for submission is 23 April 2007.
Lastly, the council is soliciting for new fellowship/grant information and announcements for the student website and forum. If you are a professor or researcher who has a fellowship, grant, or post-doc position at your university dealing with acoustics that you would like to advertise to students in the ASA, the student council representative in your section would love to hear about it so that a short announcement can be placed on the student website.
All the best in the New Year and we'll look for you at the next meeting in Salt Lake City!

Andrew Ganse is a seismology graduate student at the University of Washington and the student representative for Underwater Acoustics.

(from Winter 2007 Echoes newsletter, published in Acoustics Today, Vol. 17, Issue 1, © 2007 Acoustical Society of America. Reprinted with permission.)