Awards and reports from other meetings are available below:

(from the Cancun November 2010 ASA meeting: Congratulations, students!)

Animal Bioacoustics

Brendan Rideout, University of Victoria

Acoustical Oceanography
First: James Traer, University of California, San Diego
Second: David Barclay, University of California, San Diego

Architectural Acoustics
First:  Miriam A. Kolar, Stanford University
Second:  Ana M. Jaramillo, Virginia Tech

Engineering Acoustics
First: Scott Porter, Pennsylvania State University
Second: Eric Dieckman, College of William and Mary

Musical Acoustics
First: Chao-Yu Perng, Stanford University
Second: Charalampos Saitis, McGill University

Alan Wall, Brigham Young University

Speech Communication
First: Nancy Ward, UCLA
Second: Melissa Baese-Burk, Northwestern University

Structural Acoustics and Vibration
First: Ashley Cannaday, Rollins College
Second: Christina Naify, University of Southern California

Underwater Acoustics
First: Adam Metzler, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Second: Wu-jung Lee, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

BEST YOUNG PRESENTERS (Baltimore March 2010):

Colin Jemmott, Pennsylvania State Univ.
Julia Vernon, Brigham Young Univ.
Cole Duke, Brigham Young Univ.

Signal Processing in Acoustics
Na Zhu, Wayne State Univ.


E-zine from the Cancun, Mexico November 2010 ASA meeting

(Echoes newsletter column describing Cancun November 2010 ASA meeting)
Alex Sell
Hola from sunny Cancun! Student attendance at this meeting was excellent with approximately 75 attendees at the student icebreaker, 175 at the student reception, and 40 at the new student orientation session. The goals of these events are to make students aware of all the opportunities available at ASA meetings, connect with each other and mentors, and have an opportunity to voice their opinions to the Executive Council through the Student Forum. The Student Council would also like to congratulate Dr. Christy Holland, from the University of Cincinnati, who received the 2010 ASA Student Council Mentoring Award at the Wednesday night student reception. Nominations for the next award, to be presented at the fall 2012 meeting in Kansas City, are due by July 15, 2011. All nomination forms can be found on the ASA student website at Looking ahead, the spring meeting in Seattle promises to be an exciting meeting for students. In addition to our regular student activities, the Student Council will be hosting a special session entitled, "Introduction to Technical Committee Research and Activities: Especially for Students and First-time Meeting Attendees," which will feature brief talks by a representatives from each of the 13 Technical Committees. Thanks to all who participated in student activities in Cancun, and we look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Seattle meeting!

Alex Sell is a graduate student
in Acoustics and Penn State
University. He can be contacted

(from Winter 2010 Echoes newsletter. Reprinted with permission.)