Committee on Regional Chapters


Broadcast Emails

Announcements can now be broadcast to a subset of national ASA members. Now that the ASA membership list is sortable, Elaine has the ability to send a broadcast email to, for example, the ASA members in particular zip codes, cities, or states.

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Broadcast Email Announcements can be used for regular chapter meeting announcements as well as notification of organizational or reorganizational meetings.

For $25 / broadcast ($ transfer method to be determined) a chapter can send Elaine the message content with the sort parameters via email and the message will be sent. No files can be sent, just text.

Please allow AT LEAST 2 WEEKS from the time you send the information until the announcement is broadcast.

By the way, Elaine also mentioned that the ASA membership database is updated at a phenomenal rate. The Regional Chapters Committee could request access to the email address information for chapter e-mailing lists but we would have a lot of rejected email and other headaches trying to maintain them.